SES Awards recognize programs AND ORGANIZATIONS able to boost both inbound and outbound innovation

Startup Ecosystem Stars Awards

Beneficiaries are government-related organizations focused on supporting Innovation in their own region

Best-in-class Startup Programs

Training and supporting homegrown startups, and help them scale internationally (outbound); fueling ecosystems of innovation by attracting startups (inbound)

Exceptional Industry

Boosting open innovation practices of local companies and industrial clusters through training, internationalization, and immersion programs in the most advanced global innovation hubs

Outstanding Investment Boost

Financially empowering the growth of ecosystems of innovation through co-investments, matching programs, FDI attraction,
and international exposure

Talent & Research

Nurture the top entrepreneurial talent,
support the creation of IP and
the tech transfer

2023 Agenda 

December 6th, 18:30-22:00 CET
88 Avenue Henri Martin, F-75016 Paris

VIP Cocktail Reception

Informal cocktails and appetizers at the Princess Nuha of Jordan Residence. By invitation only.

December 7th, 15:00 18:30 CET
ICC Headquarters, 33-43 avenue du Président Wilson

Startup Ecosystem Stars 2023 Award Ceremony

Startup Ecosystem Stars is the annual gathering to award the best practices among organizations responsible for the promotion of Ecosystems of Innovation.

Invited organizations have a strong association with a local ecosystem and can represent cities, regions, or countries. The objective is to recognize the best practices from the world’s best Innovation Regions and Cities.

  • Welcome and Opening Remarks

    Candace Johnson, Executive Board Member, International Chamber of Commerce
    Alberto Onetti, Chairman, Mind the Bridge
    Marco Marinucci, CEO, Mind the Bridge

  • Opening Address
    Iliana Ivanova, EU Commissioner for Innovation and Research, Culture, Education and Youth

  • Deputy Prime Minister of Bulgaria Mariya Gabriel to receive the 2023 Startup Ecosystem Star Award

  • Keynote Speech
    Carlos Santiso, Head of Division – Digital, Innovative, Open Government from OECD

  • Presentation of Mind the Bridge 2023 SES Report
    “Building Startup Ecosystem Stars. The Life Cycle of Innovation”
  • Awards for Startup Ecosystem Stars 2023
    (first batch of 7 awardees)
  • MTB Ecosystem promo video
  • Awards for Startup Ecosystem Stars 2023
    (second batch of 7 awardees)
  • Presentation: EU strategy to support the Regional Innovation Valleys
    András G. Inotai, Head of Unit, Innovation Policy and Access to Finance, DG Research & Innovation, European Commission

  • Closing Remarks and Networking Cocktail



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